Posted: 9/30/2020 8:37:09 PM
Great news SWYC Members, on Friday, September 25th the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and County Health Officer amended the COVID-19 Health order to allow recreational boating with non-household members. 
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Posted: 7/7/2020 9:30:18 PM
Attention Members: 

Unfortunately, with per-capita infection rates above State thresholds for seven straight days, San Diego public health officials confirmed today that starting at midnight tonight, restaurants must cease all indoor activities in accordance with the Governor’s order.
For the next three weeks, we will continue to offer full-service dining on the decks as well as take-out service but the indoor Bar and Chartroom will be closed until further notice. Fortunately, the weather forecast looks very favorable for outdoor dining for the next three weeks.
Please have patience and enjoy the available services as we comply with this new restriction. The Club hours will remain the same and you can expect the same great food and service from the staff al fresco.
The Front Desk, indoor bathrooms, and Clubhouse will remain open but please wear your mask, engage in social distancing, and refrain from loitering inside.
Ryan Hunter
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Posted: 6/30/2020 7:37:18 AM
Attention Members,
We need to have an honest conversation about the upcoming 4th of July weekend. The Board of Directors would like nothing better than to organize events, hire bands, and throw a blow-out party. It’s what we do and we’re damn good at it. We’ve come a long way since the Clubhouse was shut down. The bar and restaurant is open; the Juniors are tearing up La Playa Cove; and our employees continue to receive their paychecks.
I can't tell you how happy I am to see our tables full. For two months a couple of us - including the Club Manager and F&B Director - babysat an empty Clubhouse. It was as depressing as it sounds. During that time, I don't know what I missed more, the boasting of the anglers coming back from hauling their catch from the ocean’s depths or the sailors reenacting their near-death racing experience rounding channel buoy seventeen.
The Club is once again humming with excitement but the specter of COVID-19 is still not so much on the horizon as it is floating close to shore. As of today- to the best of our knowledge - we have not had a direct exposure at SWYC. We continue to follow the guidelines of the San Diego County Department of Health but sooner or later, it seems inevitable that you are going to receive a Signal Flare from me detailing an exposure. It would be naive not to expect it at some point. Please know the Board of Directors will keep the members fully informed of any situation that may transpire.
This leads me back to this coming weekend. The Club has no official events planned. This is by design. We are unwilling to risk large gatherings on the decks/docks. We ask that YOU do not risk it either. By all means, come to the Club and enjoy your boat. There will be drink specials. There will be a few surprises from the Board of Directors rolling around. Please dress your boat. How about using some of those Christmas lights too? Have fun with it.
All we ask from you is that while on the docks, and while unable to be more than six feet from other members and guests, please wear your mask. Please also do not gather in crowds. There is a realistic possibility of going backwards with respect to restrictions in the next few weeks. Nobody wants that to happen, especially the staff.
Thank you for everything you do and I can't wait to see you at the Club as we celebrate this incredible country. I look forward to seeing your boat dressed up and you rocking a mask.
Ryan Hunter
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Posted: 6/24/2020 1:15:27 PM
  • The good news is the Clubhouse is open and we are slowly getting back to normal. I want to personally thank each of you for making this happen. Without you following the guidelines set forth by the San Diego County Department of Health, we may still be closed. 
  • Executive Chef, Adam Schwartz, released his new summer menu on June 15th. Alongside the SWYC standards (yacht burger, etc.) will be many new items including Street Corn Fritters, Gyro Sandwich, and Hoisin Ginger-Glazed Salmon.  
  • The Club Wine Program has been a huge success. As a privilege of membership, this program enables you to purchase any case of wine at a 10% margin markup over wholesale prices. 
  • The Board of Directors has voted to proceed with the Meeting virtually on July 24th, 2020 at 7:00 P.M. via Zoom video. 
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Posted: 6/19/2020 12:25:49 PM
As we jump into the first weekend of summer, the Governor of California has just ordered all Californians to wear face coverings while in public or high-risk settings. This reinstated precaution is a stark reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. 

As of the writing of this message, no restrictions have been released, but Club leadership is monitoring the situation closely. As we wait for any new restrictions, I want to reiterate to our members that masks are required while on the Club premises including on the docks as it is difficult to navigate them without coming within close proximity of passing members. 
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