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August Month Long Tournament 
Starting, Wednesday August 1
Beginning Ukulele Classes 
Starting Monday, August 6 
Operation Clean Sweep
Saturday, August 25 
Anglers Tuna Tournament
Saturday, August 25-Sunday, August 26
Catalina Cruise
Thursday, September 6-Saturday, September 8
Sunday, September 9-Saturday, September 15

Coastal Cleanup Day
Saturday, September 15 
Marlin Tournament & Awards Banquet
Saturday, September 22-Sunday, September 23

Crew Info


If you need crew or want to crew, be sure to contact the front office and ask them to send your info on the the Anglers!
Below are some tools and information for Anglers to use for planning their next trip.


Some great high resolution images of different Rock Fish species are available HERE

FMM Visa

  1. Sport fishing boat operators must report vessel entry to Mexico by e-mail to the National Immigration Institute (INM).
    • Navigate to the site below and click on the Immigration tab
    • Download the Sample Passenger List to use as a template to fill out as your boat manifest.
      • Rename the file in the following format PORT_ARV_YYYYMMDD_VESSEL.xls
        • PORT is the port of arrival or departure
        • ARV means it is an arrival manifest. Use DEP for a departure manifest.
        • YYYYMMDDis the date of arrival
        • VESSELis the name of your vessel
    • Open the spreadsheet and navigate to the Data tab and fill out the spreadsheet with values that pertain to your boat.  Below are explanations of some fields:
      • SETRAM Basic Record
        • Instructed by INM Representative to leave blank.
      • *Date of arrival or departure
        • Put in DD/MM/YYYY format. Can make up to 180 days after entry, but only good for one trip in and out of MXN waters.
      • *Port of arrival or departure
        • Keep as Ensenada if not touching shore
      • Passport Number
        • Crew can use passport or passport card here, but when paying the website only accepts passport numbers that start with a digit, so captain must use passport.
      • Sea Record Number
        • MXN Fishing License #.  The number in the upper right corner of the license after the word "Folio".
        • NOTE: If you need to purchase a MXN Fishing license, click HERE (Make sure your browser allows pop-ups).
      • *Passenger Type P/C
        • If a personal boat, all people are Passengers
  2. A receipt showing proof of payment covering service fees for all foreigners entering Mexico’s waters onboard the vessel must be attached to the email. 
    • The payable fee of $500 pesos (~$24 Dollars) per person can be paid electronically for everyone by logging onto the following web site:
    • When filling out the form, make sure the information you enter here matches your passenger list. Below are the explanations of some fields in the form:
      • Flag/banner
        • Put ESTADOS UNIDOS, which is the boats country of origin (United States).
      • License
        • Put your boats CF # or Documentation number
  3. Afterwards, the master of the vessel must e-mail both a passenger list and payment receipt.
  4. Applicants will receive an email from National Immigration Institute (INM) either authorizing the trip or denying entry to a passenger intending to enter Mexico’s territorial water on board the given vessel.
  5. The length of stay will cover the amount of time asked for in the application, yet shall not exceed 180 days nor may it be used for multiple entries and departures.
  6. If there is a change in your passenger list before departure, make sure to bring an updated list with you on the boat so that it matches the people on board your boat.
  7. If you catch fish in Mexican waters, make sure you complete a Declaration of Game Form for entering the USA with fish from Mexico.

Local & Offshore Fishing Spots

Click HERE to download the locations as a GPX file
Click HERE to download the locations as a KML file
Click HERE to download the locations as a KMZ file

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