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Here are a few items that you may find useful, like SWYC related forms, websites for various organizations, and more.

Junior Point Total Scoring

Every Decemeber at our annual awards dinner we hand out trophies to our Juniors who have achieved certain point thresholds. Below you will find a document that explains how to earn points throughout the year.

Click here for an explanation of the points system

Click here for a PDF version of the 2023 spreadsheet to track your points (you can contact the Jr. Office for the Excel file)

2023 Points are due soon! Be sure to turn in your spreadsheets no later than November 13th by midnight. No exceptions for late submissions.


New to our program or need a refresher on how our point system works? Read below! Each Junior accumulates points throughout your entire junior career here and points build year after year! Once you hit certain benchmarks, sailors earn prizes.

- 100 Points = Personalized Red Team Jacket

- 250 Points = Personalized Team Bag

- 500 Points = Personalized Blue Team Jacket

- 750 Points = Personalized Team Polo (new achievement prize!)

- 1000 Points = Personalized Team Backpack


Please be sure that as you fill in the points to not be afraid to add events and activities that I did not include in the sheet. There are tons of additional opportunities that your kids can earn points for that are in the key on the top right of the page (examples are, catching and weighing fish, Jr. board meetings, social activities, volunteering, high school sailing events and more!) Again, if you have any questions at all please let me know, I am always here to help.


Is your Junior in 5th grade or up? If so, please be sure to submit a digital version if your Junior’s report card to Jackie. If they earned a 3.5 GPA or higher (excluding PE, I already know you are all stellar athletes) and earned 75+ points this year, they are qualify for our Moore Academic Achievement award! This is also due to Jackie no later than November 13th by midnight. Please send is whatever is your most up to date report card, I understand many of you may only have a first quarter update and that is ok!


Junior Membership Application

Interested in becoming a member of the Club?  You do not have to be an adult to join a yacht club, kids can do it to! 
Click here for the SWYC Junior Membership Application.

Junior Competition & Funding Forms

Are you an active participant in the Junior Program competing outside of Southern California?  SWYC may be able to help defray some of the costs.  If you are unsure of whether or not you might qualify for any funding, reach out to the Junior Program Director and ask.
Please note that the completed form must be filled out 40 days prior to the start of the event.
Click here for the SWYC Competition and Funding Form


Getting kids out on the water involves a lot of help from a lot of people.  If you are able to help out by towing boats up to a regatta, we need you to fill out a little bit of paperwork.  Please complete the towing packet and return it to the Junior Office.


Opportunities do exist for Junior Program participants in need of some financial assistance.  All requests will be kept in strict confidence.  Two possible avenues to obtain financial assistance are:
  • The Southwestern Junior Foundation - A 501(c)(3) with the goal of extending sailing and angler experiences to the youth of San Diego County who are in need of financial assistance.
  • The Southwestern Yacht Club Junior Advisory Committee maintains some funding for scholarships.  Inquiries should be sent to the SWYC Junior Program Director along with three items:
    • A letter from the applicant stating why they are seeking a scholarship and wish to participate in the Program.
    • A letter of good citizenship from a teacher, counselor, coach, or someone of similar standing who can speak to the student's character.
    • A copy of the family's front page of their most recent tax return, showing the annual household/family income.

Sailing Organizations and Classes

There are a lot of organizations out there that help make sailing happen, from a global level all the way down to the local level.  Check out some of the organizations below to learn more about what's driving sailing and more about the classes of boats sailed throughout Southern California and beyond.

US Sailing
Southern California Youth Yacht Racing Association (SCYYRA)
Naples Sabot
Pacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing Association (PCISA - High School)
Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA - High School National Governing Body)
Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA - College Sailing National Governing Body)

SWYC Liability Waiver

SWYC Release of Liability Waiver