Southwestern Yacht Club's Benefit on the Bay

Proceeds to benefit ElderHelp of San Diego

This year we are proud and pleased to celebrate 10 years of philanthropic support for ElderHelp of San Diego through our Club-wide fundraiser—Benefit on the Bay. Thanks to the generosity of our members and dedicated volunteers, Southwestern Yacht Club has raised $430,000 for ElderHelp. We have played an important part helping to advance their mission supporting local seniors to live independently and with dignity in their own homes. Your generosity has maximum impact based on ElderHelp’s proven track record of turning donations into action with minimal overhead costs.
Our Benefit theme this year is “We all get by with a little (Elder) help from our friends”. Every dollar raised stays right here in San Diego with 82 cents of each dollar applied directly to programs and services. ElderHelp improves the lives of nearly 7,000 seniors and their families each year, reducing isolation and the risk of falling, improving physical and emotional health, and affording seniors the dignity and respect they deserve. The average age of ElderHelp clients is 10 years older than the average senior moving to long-term care.  

Our philanthropic Club goal this year is to gain every SWYC member’s support. We ask you to consider these options: Adopt A Senior; become an Official Sponsor at a Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver or Corinthian level; contribute a dollar amount of your choice; donate valuable items and experiences for our action and attend our fun-filled fundraising events. We welcome matching corporate gifts. Benefits of sponsorships including event tickets are detailed on the enclosed page.

Benefit on the Bay 2024 will host three large-scale fundraising events – the “Trident” of opportunity, if you will – our Bottom Fishing Tournament on May 11, our Beacon of Light Party on September 28, and our Charity Bay Race on June 23. Please plan on participating in these special events!
We are grateful for your charitable support so that “we will all get by with a little (Elder) help from our friends”. Thank you for letting us know about your contribution as soon as possible by returning the enclosed Sponsorship-Donation Form to the Club office or by emailing Your generous support as a member of this Club is what we truly rely upon for a financially successful outcome to help seniors live independently and with dignity